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A Program for Internship Graduates

After completing our three-month internship, GTC alumni have access to exclusive rides and offerings. This page will stay up to date with current events, job postings, and other information for graduates!


Prize Tiers

Alumni Perks

  • Free weekday rentals for you and one guest. Must call ahead to book!
  • Access to the tech area for bicycle repairs.
  • Job support as needed, including: resume building or review, interviewing support, job searching, and more. 
  • Exclusive monthly rides and open shop nights. Attendance at these events will allow you to earn MasterLinks merchandise! You also can attend Sun Valley rides, community classes, community rides, or other community events to bank attendance. 
  • Purchase all goods at cost. Plus, enjoy the exclusive deal of purchasing either a Tern Quick Haul P9 or Gazelle Medeo T9 City at cost in addition to the Denver rebate for extra savings!


Tern Quick Haul and Gazelle Medeo T9 City



About the Logo

Kolya, a GTC internship graduate, designed the MasterLinks logo for us in an open contest of alumni! We sent out an open request asking interns to design something that captured the essence of their experience at GoodTurn Cycles and that would make future interns excited to get involved! 

Kolya submitted a thoughtful design that perfectly summed up the GTC mission! Read his description below. 

"The pink with the cross represents 'health,' the green with the person represents 'community,' and the yellow
with wrench and bolt represents 'employment.' Ultimately representing Good Turn Cycle's mission.

The black circles represent bike tires/wheels and black L-shaped object in the upper front represents a headset and handlebars from the side. This represents the bike industry.

Notice how the person is up top and leaned forwards from the side because he is riding the bike. The chain links of course represent the whole bike frame, also ultimately representing MasterLinks and the bike industry."