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Male intern on bike. Text: Youth Programming


Interested in learning bike mechanics to keep your riders on the trail and out of the shop? Mobile mechanics can bring the shop skills to you! 

You'll learn:

  • How to repair flats
  • How to recognize tire size and set PSI
  • How to fix brakes and prevent crashes
  • Derailleur alignment and proper shifting
  • Other tips and tricks to get you out of sticky situations

This class can be adjusted for your program's needs, but typically takes three hours. Booking available between 10:00-5:00! You must have at least three participants to book. Our max capacity is 12 young people.

We'll provide:

  • Tools
  • Work stands (up to 6 available)
  • Benches (up to 6 available)
  • Spare bikes
  • A multitool and tire lever for each participant to keep after class 

Contact us for inquiries or to schedule at


This series is a three-class structure to teach the basics of mountain biking! 

In Class 1, we'll learn proper mountain bike technique, how to perform safety checks, and basic riding skills.

In Class 2, we'll learn off-road and adventure riding, different trail systems, and how to get comfortable riding on uneven terrain. 

In Class 3, we'll learn singletrack riding and how to challenge yourself on the bike in ways you haven't yet experienced. 

This series can be modified to meet the needs of your riders and has flexibility with scheduling. We have suggested locations for each course prepared. You must have at least 3 riders to book. Our max capacity is 8 young people at a time! 

We'll provide:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Helmets
  • Transportation

Contact us for inquiries or to schedule at