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At GoodTurn Cycles, we are passionate about investing in people in every facet of our organization. When you bring your bike to GoodTurn Cycles for any service or repair, you are directly supporting our job training program. All of our maintenance and repair is performed by a trained staff member who simultaneously teaches bike repair skills to our apprentices. Find out more about our Job Training Program here. Check out our menu below for services and prices.

Basic Brake and Gear Adjustment - $40

  • Fine-tune brakes, shifters, and derailleur(s)
  • Lubricate chain and cables
  • Check tire pressure and tread condition
  • Wet rag wipe-down of bike

Full Tune-Up - $75

Includes all basic B/G adjustments PLUS:

  • Complete bike wash
  • Thorough security inspection
  • Adjustment of all bearings, bottom bracket, headset and hubs
  • Braking and gearing recalibration
  • Brake pad resurfacing
  • Wheel true
  • Cable/housing replacement (labor only)

Pro Tune-Up - $150

Includes all full tune-up services PLUS:

  • New cable/housing installation (parts + labor)
  • Drivetrain overhaul - remove, clean, reinstall, and lubricate: chain, derailleur(s), cassette/freewheel, and right crank (with chainrings).


Basic Service Menu

Flat Repair $8
Accessory/Component install $5-15
Cable/Housing Install $12
Derailleur Hanger (align/replace) $10/15
Brake Pad Install and Adjust $12
Headset Installation $20
Wheel True (per wheel) Starting at $15
Computer/GPS Install $15
Spoke Replacement $15
Brake Bleed (single/pair) $20/30
Bottom Bracket Service $20
Wheel Build $40
Box for Shipping $50
Bike Build $60