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GoodTurn Cycles now carries Nantucket Baskets! Nantucket Baskets makes handcrafted, high-quality bike baskets made of rattan, an extremely strong and durable wood that is a close relative to the palm tree. The baskets are tightly woven and are designed to withstand heavy loads and daily use.

 We carry a variety of their front handle bar baskets. The baskets attach to the handlebars with leather straps, providing both utility and a vintage aesthetic to the bike. We currently carry the Cisco Adult Classic Basket, the natural Lightship Adult Classic Basket, and the stained Lightship Adult Classic Basket.

Interested in a Nantucket Basket? Come on in to GoodTurn Cycles!

GoodTurn Cycles now carries Colorado Glasses sunglasses, a locally owned company that specializes in handcrafted glasses. With each style of glasses named after a Colorado landmark or spectacle (e.g. Red Rocks, Flat Irons, Colorado Blue Sky), Colorado Glasses's mission is to make high quality products that contribute to Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle and to build a business that can employ and help disadvantaged individuals.

Yuba’s founder Ben Sarrazin grew up in France riding and loving bicycles. In his early twenties he travelled to East Africa and Latin America, where he observed how merchants often used bicycles to transport their goods. In areas with dirt roads and unreliable cars and trucks, bikes were the quickest and most reliable method of transportation. Ben realized that a cargo bike would allow people living in remote areas to carry large loads and easily maneuver dirt roads, improving quality of life. With this, Yuba was born, a product of Ben’s passion for bicycles and his desire to help people live a more efficient lifestyle. Named after California’s Yuba River, Yuba’s mission is to create affordable cargo bikes that are easy to maneuver and can carry children and heavy loads.

At GoodTurn Cycles we carry bike helmets with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology! This state-of-the-art technology provides protection from both linear and rotational forces. A linear force occurs when the head is moving in a straight line and comes to a sudden stop, and a rotational force occurs when the head is struck at an angle and comes to a sudden stop. Most helmets are designed to protect the brain from only linear force, although most crashes involve both linear and rotational forces. MIPS technology uniquely protects the brain from both linear and rotational forces.

Haibike, a German electric bike company that specializes in state-of-the-art electric mountain bikes, has just announced they are moving their United States headquarters to Denver, Colorado! According to Haibike’s director of U.S. sales, “Colorado is a forward-thinking, technology-driven state that places a high value on outdoor recreation. It’s the perfect place to establish Haibike as a leader in the emerging e-bike market.” Within two months, various Haibike mountain bikes will be on the GoodTurn floor! Any interested customer can come on in and test-ride Haibike electric mountain bikes.

One the various brands of electric bikes we are excited to feature in our shop is Vintage Electric! Vintage Electric is a California-based company that specializes in handcrafted electric bikes modeled after pre-World War II era motorcycles and 70s’ style dirt bikes. By using state of the art electric technology while maintaining these classic styles, Vintage Electric brings forth a modern, utilitarian technology while ensuring these pieces of cycle history are not forgotten. Vintage electric bikes are throttle-powered, and are designed for speed and power. Built for joyriding and commuting, they allow riders to get outside and enjoy the wind in their face, while also allowing them to integrate the bike into their every-day commute.

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Last April I was elated to hear my dear friend of 25+ years was going to visit me. I also knew it would be a difficult and memorable visit as Tracy was battling stage 4 cancer and had already surpassed her doctor’s life expectancy prediction. Because of her physical limitations, I wanted to give her a gift of experiencing some sort of normalcy.  Then it came to me...I wanted us to go on a bike ride that would allow her to feel as though she was healthy and independent. I contacted my friend, Catherine, who was in the midst of starting up another non-profit called GoodTurn Cycles in Littleton, Colorado. I asked her if Tracy and I could use her electric bikes, and she, of course, enthusiastically made it happen!

Nonprofit eBike and Electric Bike Shop in Colorado

Open since November 7 in Littleton's Aspen Grove Shopping Center, GoodTurn Cycles is more than just another eBike store, it is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides job training to young people facing challenging circumstances. People accepted into the apprenticeship program receive training in eBike mechanics, retail, customer service, and life skills.